Weekly Specials


Ad for April 27th thru May 10th will include 175 Lit Smirnoff 80 Vodka $ 19.99, 750 Patron Tequila Silver, Reposado & Anejo all the same price $ 39.99, Southern Tier Beers all styles except 2X Beers 6-pack Bottles $ 8.49, 750ml 14 Hands Kentucky Derby Blend $ 10.99, Corona Extra & Light 24-120z Bottles & Cans $ 26.99 and more ….Download this weeks specials now!!

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Reviews: Beer Advocate

A+ / 4.72 rDev +4.4%
vibe: 5 | quality: 5 | service: 5 | selection: 4 | $$

This is by far my favorite place to shop for beer in NJ.

Atmosphere: The store is laid out very nicely and neatly with new stock showcased.

Quality: The manager is always trying to get new stock in. He tries to keep the freshest stuff for sale. He is more than willing not only to give samples from the growler station but has even opened a bottle for me in that past when I questioned if it was still good or not (right after the best by date).

Service: As mentioned in quality the manager is great. However the rest of the staff there is incredible. They are always asking if I need any help or making suggestions for other beers I may like. I bring my homebrews in from time to time and they all give me feedback and also ask when I will be bringing my next batch in. They all care about their customers and are always willing to help them out as much as possible. I cant say enough about the service.

Selection: Okay here is a little bit lower as there are a few stores with a bigger selection, but dont be fooled you can get a great amount of beers here and they are always trying to get in new stuff and have the occassional rarity. Growler station is great and the prices are more than reasonable, comparable to the price per oz in the bottle. The growlers are not properly filled (they leave out about 4 or 5 oz), but you can get a lot in growlers that I would not expect to find anywhere else.

Reviewed on: 05-04-2011 23:37:18

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Red Card Special Wines

Below are a few of our RED CARD wine special:
Yellow Tail All Varieties 1.5L $12.99
Barefoot Cellars All Varieties 1.5L $11.99
Mirassou All Varieties 750ml $9.99
Gato Negro All Varieties 1.5L $9.99
Beringer White Zinfandel 1.5L $9.99

Red Card Special Liquor

Below are a few of our RED CARD liquor special:
Smirnoff 80 Vodka 1.75L $20.99
Johnny Walker Red Scotch 1.75L $35.99
Jack Daniels 1.75L $42.99
Dewars White Label 1.75L $33.99
Bacardi Light and Gold 1.75L $22.99
Seagrams 7 1.75 $20.99L

Red Card Special Beer

Below are a few of our RED CARD beer special:
Coors Light 30 Pack Cans $21.99
Rolling Rock 30 pack cans$20.99
Ithaca Flower power IPA 6pk $9.99
Smuttynose IPA 6pk $7.99
Terrapin Rye Pale Ale 6pk $7.99
Miller Lite 30 Pack $21.99